Fund Administration and Prime Brokerage solutions

We offer various operations improvement, systems configuration and integration services with fund administrator and prime brokers. Our solution will enable seamless integration with fund administrator and prime broker's systems improving your operational efficiency as far as client administrative task and ongoing client and fund reporting is concerned. Our fund administration solution can benefit the following stakeholder:

  • Client Administrator, Shareholder Servicing professional
  • Operations and Finance team
  • Risk Managers, Compliance team
  • Fund Administrator, Prime Broker and Custodian

We occasionally partner with industry experts and/or vendors to provide the most optimal solutions to our clients. Our Fund Administration and prime brokerage solution for our clients include:

  • Assistance with Fund Administrator and/or Prime Broker due diligence, selection, setup and integration.
  • Integrating client and/or fund data including Client systems with one or multiple Fund Administrator(s).
  • Integrating investment data with one or multiple Prime Broker(s) and/or Custodian(s).    
  • Conducting transaction and vendor cost studies and provide recommendation to reduce cost.
  • Compliance program development and implementation.
  • Information security review, assessment and recommendation around multiple system(s) and/or vendor(s).
  • Accounting control verification, and historical tax lots review and recommendation.
  • Investor services review - offering, subscription, additional contribution, tenders, distribution, commitment and capital call.
  • Independent review and evaluation of fund and investment report.
  • Assistance with Offshore Fund Administrator due diligence, selection, setup and integration.
  • Reviewing reconciliations with Fund Administrator.
  • Reviewing, evaluating and developing policies, procedures and processes with one or multiple vendor(s). 
  • Reviewing and evaluating NAV, performance calculations.
  • Reviewing fund fee agreement, management fee processing, carryover and claw back fee calculations.
  • Developing custom report for managing investor and investment information.
  • Building web interface for Investment Manager and your clients to access investor and investment information from Fund administrator and Client systems.