Solutions for Hedge Funds

Our customized solution for hedge funds include independent investment research, financial data aggregation, developing trading models, infrastructure assessment, operations improvement,  system implementation and integration services. Our solution can lower operating costs for middle, back office trade processing, ability to handle increased volumes more efficiently, shorten processing cycles, and reduce settlement risk which would result in  minimizing operational risk and maximizing your profits  We do this by partnering with vendors and industry experts to provide you the best  tailored solution customized for your hedge fund business.

Our solution can support multiple different hedge fund strategies some of them include: Equity Long/Short, Equity Long Bias,  Equity Short Bias, Distressed Securities, Market Neutral, Emerging Markets, Event Driven, Merger Arbitrage,  Convertible Arbitrage, Fixed Income Arbitrage,  Managed Futures, and Global Macro. Our customized solutions for hedge fund industry can benefit the following stakeholders which include:

  • Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst
  • Risk Managers and Compliance team
  • Operations and Finance team
  • Client Administrator and Shareholder Servicing professional
  • Fund Administrator, Prime Broker and Custodians

We occasionally partner with industry experts and/or vendors to provide the most optimal solutions to our clients. Our hedge fund solution include:

  • Hedge Fund strategy rationalization, creation and development.
  • Independent Hedge fund investment research services by sector, industry, geography and strategy.
  • Hedge Fund strategy, exposure, position, allocation analysis and recommendation.
  • Hedge Fund performance, style analysis, attribution, peer group review and analysis.
  • Market, credit, liquidity risk review analysis, recommendation and ongoing management.
  • Product Marketing and sales pipeline solution development for target clients/prospects.
  • Client portfolio analysis and asset allocation.
  • Investor relationship management - offering, subscription, redemptions and managing new and additional investments,
  • Front office, Middle office and back office vendors system selection, implementation and integration.
  • Fund administration, Custodian, Compliance, Regulatory services implementation and Corporate action processing.
  • Implementation of STP solutions between fund managers, Prime brokers, Custodians.
  • Broker and counterpart reconciliation, valuation of assets or instruments and NAV Calculation.
  • Process improvement, redesign and workflow optimization.
  • Financial data aggregation, integration and subscription from third party data providers.

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