Solutions for Private Equity

Our Private Equity solutions cater to Private Equity institutions and investors such as limited partners, general partners, venture capitalists, mezzanine lenders, and real estate investors. Our solutions include both active and passive assistance in management of Private Equity funds and can add value to traditional private equity, direct co-investments, gatekeepers, fund of funds, institutional investors, endowments, foundations, and family offices. We have customized solutions that can benefit the following stakeholders:

  • Institutional and Private Investor: Venture capital, Leverage Buyout and Mezzanine financing investments 
  • Private Equity Fund Manager, Research Analyst
  • Operations, Compliance, Corporate Governance and Finance team
  • Client Administrator, Shareholder Servicing professional and Fund Administrator

We occasionally partner with industry experts and/or vendors to provide the most optimal solutions to our clients. Our Private Equity solution include:

  • Due diligence and recommendation to investors on Private Equity investments - Venture Capital, Buyout and Mezzanine investments.
  • Assistance and recommendation on asset allocation for Private Equity investments for your Investment portfolio.
  • Fund manager profiling, tracking due diligence information on fund managers; vintage, fund type and other investments in their portfolio.
  • Analyzing and reviewing overall exposure across partnerships by type, geography, industry, sector.
  • Assistance with independent Fund valuation and review of NAV, performance, fund fee processing and fee calculation.
  • Conducting carry, hurdle, and preferred return analysis with investment realization and forecast.
  • Fee agreement setup and computation with LP's including management fee, carryover and claw back calculation.
  • Indentifying and recommending on an entry or exit option including conducting due diligence on target company for a buyout or a spin off option.
  • Assistance in identifying Target Company for a particular business by sector, region for a buyout opportunity.
  • Conducting thorough financial analysis of Target Company and its competitors. 
  • Interviewing Target Company's management, and reviewing its customer base, internal team, operations and assessment on internal controls.
  • Monitoring and aggregating business, competitive, regulatory and market intelligence of competitors.
  • Value creation by growing the firm, improving efficiency, reducing cost, managing risks and meeting compliance requirements.
  • Process improvement and systems integration post acquisition or a merger.
  • Vendor System selection, Implementation and Integration with Fund Administrator for managing Venture capital, Leverage Buyout and Mezzanine financing investments for Private Equity fund managers, Institutional investor and family offices.

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